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What are the three most recession-resistant asset classes in real estate?

Even in challenging economic times, multifamily, mobile home parks and self-storage perform quite well.

Sergio Altomare built a portfolio of small multifamily properties while working full-time in technology for the Federal Reserve.

But in 2018, Sergio was having a hard time getting deals to pencil. He anticipated a market correction and pivoted to self-storage.

Today, Sergio is Cofounder and CEO of Hearthfire Holdings, a real estate private equity and development firm that manages over $50M in self-storage assets.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Sergio joins Garrett and me to discuss the benefits of investing in self-storage.

Sergio describes the financing challenges he’s facing in his business right now and shares his outlook for the self-storage market moving into 2024.

Listen in for Sergio’s insight on using data to find deals and find out if self-storage is the right real estate investment for you!

Key Takeaways

How Sergio got into self-storage

What Sergio likes about self-storage

Sergio’s approach to managing self-storage

How Sergio finds self-storage deals

Sergio’s self-storage market outlook for 2024

The biggest challenges Sergio is facing right now

Sergio’s insight on the barrier-to-entry for self-storage

What Sergio has learned from his biggest failures

Why Sergio invests in GoBundance

How Sergio’s definition of success has changed over time

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