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MB404: What Makes Self-Storage Recession Resistant — With Sergio Altomare

What are the three most recession-resistant asset classes in real estate? Even in challenging economic times, apartment buildings, mobile home parks and self-storage perform quite well. Listen in as Sergio Altomare explains what inspired his pivot to self-storage, how he finds good deals, and why he helps others build wealth through his business, Hearthfire Capital.

Should You Own Apartment Buildings or Storage Units?

Should You Own Apartment Buildings or Storage Units

When it comes to investing in real estate, there are options to consider. As an active investor, you may be trying to decide which is best for you, owning apartment buildings or storage units. Both asset classes can be profitable, but they come with different benefits and drawbacks. Let’s break down the pros and cons […]

The Pros and Cons of Owning Storage Units


It’s important that you find your niche in the real estate investing space. If you’re looking at commercial real estate, but you’re not quite sure about multifamily, there are other asset classes to consider, and one of the most appealing is self-storage. Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: […]