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Bobby Casey, an entrepreneur and world traveler who now specializes in helping people protect their assets and live off the grid. He’s managing director of Global Wealth Protection, which provide asset protection strategies to shield your wealth from frivolous litigation and create “sleep at night” insurance.

His company can properly structure your offshore company, trusts, foundations and provide bank account introductions to more than a dozen banks around the world. In addition, they can help you move your IRA funds offshore.

We truly live in a world gone mad. Lawsuits are easy to file, the rewards can be enormous, and there’s no down side to losing a lawsuit.

Bobby describes how to structure the entities so that it’s hard for attorneys to figure out what you own. By using advanced techniques, like irrevocable trusts, it’s actually possible to not own anything, so even if you do get sued, there’s nothing to attach the judgment to.

Listen to this episode and implement Bobby’s techniques NOW before you lose it all.

 Key Takeaways:

[3:39] Bobby’s Backstory

[4:32] His thoughts on living like a nomad

[7:26] His life before he became a digital nomad

[9:47] His thoughts on real estate investing

[13:16] Mistakes investors often make

[17:21] His advice to prevent poor structuring of deals

[21:50] Irrevocable trust and its beneficiaries

[26:20] Federal Lawsuits

[29:26] Another mistake and what’s it like to file a lawsuit in the US

[34:20] Bobby’s advice on implementing asset security

[37:37] Bobby’s “aha” moment

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3 Responses

  1. Does he recommend a separate WY LLC for each property? Seems like with the anonymity protection of a WY LLC, one would work. We only have 4 investment properties. Also, does this apply to your primary residence as well? Wouldn’t you want to protect that, too?

  2. Hey Chris, ideally you would have a separate WY LLC for each property to segregate risk. Of course that can be costly based on the property values so you need to decide if the cost is worth the added protection. We have a WY LLC package for investors that includes all fees, registered agent service and an operating agreement specifically drafted for investors. – Bobby

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