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Finding the right business partner can be as important as finding the right investment opportunity. A great partner can bring time, money, expertise, and often prove vital to achieving your first MF deal.

Someone who knows all about first deals and partnerships is Joe Fairless, my guest on this week’s show. When I first spoke to Joe on the podcast, back in episode 10, he had just finished closing on a phenomenal 168 unit apartment building for his very first deal. Now,  2 years later, Joe has used the momentum of the first deal to propel himself headfirst into the world of real estate investing, with some incredible results.

Listen as Joe tells us what he’s been up to since we last spoke, including focusing his strengths, utilizing partnerships, and massively growing his real estate portfolio since that vital first deal.

Key Takeaways

[2:52] What Joe has done since his first deal

[3:36] How Joe achieved such rapid growth

[5:46] Joe’s key strengths

[9:59] Smart partnering

[16:50] Using co-sponsors

[21:14] Joe’s tips for partnerships

[21:45 ] The risks of partnerships

[27:05] Joe’s goals for 2017

Connect with Joe

Email: [email protected] (Email Joe for free money raising spreadsheet tool)

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