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Yes, crowdfunding is out of reach for the average newbie syndicator. But if you’ve got a great deal and a willingness to hustle, it is possible to partner with a larger real estate company and take advantage of the capital available through crowdfunding. Platforms like Realty Mogul are looking for sponsors with a track record, so if you don’t have one—find someone who does.

Jilliene Helman is the CEO of Realty Mogul, the premiere online marketplace for real estate investing. The platform employs cutting-edge technology to connect its network of 130,000 registered investors looking for passive investments in commercial real estate with established real estate companies looking to acquire and operate commercial properties.

Realty Mogul is a marriage of Jilliene’s affinities for financial services and technology. She founded the company in 2013 to take advantage of the opportunities around crowdfunding afforded by the JOBS Act. Today she discusses why Realty Mogul chose to focus on the commercial space, the types of investments the platform offers, and the Realty Mogul definition of a good deal. Learn about the evolution of the crowdfunding industry, and heed Jilliene’s advice about partnering for aspiring syndicators.

Key Takeaways

 [2:33] How the crowdfunding industry has evolved

[3:55] Why Realty Mogul chose to focus on the commercial space

[4:54] The types of investments Realty Mogul offers

[6:54] What Realty Mogul is looking for in a sponsor

 [8:34] Jilliene’s advice for aspiring syndicators

[10:12] Jilliene’s guidance around partnering with a larger real estate company to employ crowdfunding

[11:47] What Realty Mogul defines as a good deal

[14:13] The requirements for passive investors on Realty Mogul

[15:28] The process of becoming a passive investor with Realty Mogul

[16:40] The benefits of working with Realty Mogul

[17:23] How Realty Mogul came to be

[18:22] Jilliene’s take on the future of crowdfunding

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