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We’ve been conditioned to believe that a steady paycheck is a safety net. That if we pay our dues, the company we have been loyal to will return the favor, and we will ultimately be rewarded with a hefty 401(k).

But Clayton Morris contends that the opposite is true: As long as you for someone else (no matter how prestigious your job may be) consider yourself a line item on a spreadsheet with zero control of your own destiny—who could lose your livelihood at any time, through no fault of your own.

Clayton left a lucrative position as the weekend anchor for Fox & Friends to become the Founder and President of Morris Invest, a firm dedicated to helping people build financial freedom through real estate, and the host of the Investing in Real Estate Podcast. No matter how prominent his work in broadcasting, Clayton knew that his life wasn’t truly his own. He used real estate as the vehicle to gain financial freedom, and now he is on a mission to share his secret sauce with aspiring investors.

Clayton joins me to explain why he left a successful broadcasting career to pursue real estate full time. He shares how a flight to New Zealand inspired him to start a single-family portfolio and what motivated him to get serious about leveraging real estate to replace his income. Clayton addresses the significance of a strong WHY and the limiting beliefs that held him back early on. Listen in for Clayton’s advice around taking massive action and gaining clarity through whitespace.

Key Takeaways

Why Clayton left broadcasting for real estate

How Clayton decided on real estate

Clayton’s initial investment strategy

When Clayton got serious about real estate

Clayton’s last day of work

Why Clayton is making the shift to multifamily

What held Clayton back

The myth that a steady paycheck is a safety net

Clayton’s advice around taking action

What Clayton is looking forward to

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