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Scarcity or Abundance?

Scarcity or Abundance

When it comes to achieving success in multifamily real estate investing or any other endeavor, one crucial but often overlooked element is mindset. Your mindset can be the difference between seeing opportunities in abundance and being trapped in an attitude of scarcity that limits your potential. Scarcity or Abundance? The Power of Mindset for Multifamily […]

MB 247: Achieve Your Investing Goals with Affirmations

Affirmations for Success

Affirmations are a powerful tool in crushing our goals, reminding us why we do what we do, what we plan to achieve and the kind of person we want to become along the way. Today, I walk you through the process of creating an affirmation specific to achieving financial freedom through real estate investing!

Affirmations for Real Estate Investing

Affirmations for Real Estate Investing

I spent years in the restaurant industry running myself ragged just trying to make money. That was exactly where I went wrong. My WHY in that scenario was money. That alone is never enough. You have to know why you want the money, and then you need the tools and the language to help you stay focused on what your driving force is. And that’s exactly what we’ll be diving into in today’s video.