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Affirmations are a powerful tool in reaching our goals. They remind us why we do what we do, what we plan to achieve and the kind of person we want to become along the way.

So, what does it look like to create an affirmation specific to real estate investing? An affirmation that will keep you on track all year long and make success inevitable?

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I discuss the value of using affirmations to achieve financial freedom through multifamily real estate. I walk you through the process of constructing an affirmation the right way, describing the activities you can commit to as an aspiring syndicator and challenging you focus on those activities (rather than the outcome). Listen in for insight on taking tiny action toward your goals every day and learn how to build an affirmation that guarantees your success as a real estate investor!

Key Takeaways

Why you should use affirmations to achieve your goals

  • Creates clarity
  • Establishes your WHY
  • Commit to activity

How to construct an affirmation the right way

  1. Commit to unwavering faith and extraordinary effort
  2. Articulate WHY you’re working toward that goal
  3. Set level of commitment with daily activities
  4. Speak out enlightened entitlement (worthy of miracles)

The two activities aspiring syndicators can commit to

  1. Analyzing deals
  2. Talk with potential investors

Why you can’t get emotionally attached to the results

  • Give up when don’t achieve in certain time frame
  • Outcome = inevitable if do activity long enough

The secret to success in real estate investing

  • Commit to activity
  • Take tiny action every day


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