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Despite the chaos and uncertainty of 2020, we have a lot to be grateful for here at The Michael Blank organization. We have helped 113 people do 128 deals for a total value of $321M. And 22 of our mentees have quit their jobs, thanks to the financial freedom that comes with multifamily real estate investing.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, I take the time to reflect on 2020, looking back on our key accomplishments in The Michael Blank organization and sharing our top lessons learned over the past 12 months. I discuss our theme for 2021 and explain what steps we’re taking to better serve our followers and turn them into raving fans. Listen in for insight on the multifamily market outlook for 2021 and learn how YOU can use our resources to achieve financial freedom and help us make a positive impact in the world!

Key Takeaways

Our key accomplishments for 2020 in The Michael Blank organization

Our top 3 lessons learned in 2020

  1. Team is EVERYTHING
  2. Stick to your underwriting
  3. Be grateful every day for everything

Our plans for 2021 in The Michael Blank organization

The disconnect between the headlines and our market experience

My predictions around the market outlook for 2021

How you can help us make a positive impact in the world


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