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If you read my recent post on My Top 4 Recommended Reads, then you know that my #1 favorite book is The Miracle Morning by Hal Rod. Now, there’s a lot of reasons why I love this book and how Hal translates this knowledge into practical applications

AND.. if you read my other post, What’s Your WHY for Financial Freedom, which highlights Simon Sinek’s thoughts on knowing your WHY. Then you know that I’m passionate about maintaining a healthy mindset and getting clear on what you want and why you want it. 

I spent years in the restaurant industry running myself ragged just trying to make money. That was exactly where I went wrong. My WHY in that scenario was money. That alone is never enough. 

You have to know why you want the money, and then you need the tools and the language to help you stay focused on what your driving force is. 

And that’s exactly what we’ll be diving into in today’s video. 

The Miracle Mantra

Now, this is a clip from an interview that I did with Hel Elrod for The Apartment Building Investing Podcast session #165. You can listen to the full episode here

But for the purpose of today, I wanted to specifically shine a light on Hal’s affirmation exercise. We’re going to apply it specifically to multifamily investing. 

Ready? Here we go..

Affirmations are so powerful. You can find a template for this miracle mantra in Hal’s book The Miracle Morning, but I’m going to run through it with you here too. This lays out what it is you’re committed to and why. 

Let's assume that you're the primary breadwinner in a family and you can't see yourself working for another 10, 15, 20 years. You’re thinking, “Hey, I gotta get out of this. I need me some financial freedom.” 

This is how you might shape your affirmation:

“I am committed to maintaining unwavering faith that I will be financially free in [add a time frame].”

Keep in mind that the time frame is not near as important as what it is you’re committed to. 

So, you’ll follow up that last statement with: 

“I will continue putting forth extraordinary effort until I do, no matter what, there is no option. Regardless of the outcome.” 

That's a powerful affirmation. 

It incorporates a goal, but it's not so much about achieving that goal. It's about the commitment to that goal – which is very different.

The second part of the affirmation touches on your WHY. 

This is important! Your WHY needs to be something meaningful to you. It needs to be BIGGER than the money.

This part of your affirmation will be about the reasons WHY you are committed to your goal. 

“The reason I'm committed to my mission of becoming financially free is because having financial freedom will allow me to provide for my family and spend time with them so that I can be the best father and husband.”

Keep in mind this is just an example. Adjust the wording to include your reasons why you are committed to becoming financially free.

The third part of the affirmation will address your level of commitment. 

“To ensure the attainment of my mission, I will remain committed to my process of analyzing one deal per day during my lunch hour without being emotionally attached to my results.” 

Obviously, it's going to vary for you. It could be two deals a week or whatever the case may be and it could be in the evenings. The different variables are for you to decide. 

Whatever you choose, make sure that being emotionally unattached to the outcome is part of what you are committed to.

In fact, if you’ve joined our mentoring program, we talk a lot about activity, not about the outcome in the first 90 days. During this time, you should be committed to the process and not so much on the outcome. 

End your affirmation with this:

“I'm committed to my mission and living every day as the best version of myself because I know that I'm just as worthy, deserving, and capable of creating miracles and achieving everything I want as any other person on earth.” 

When you put it all together your affirmation will look something like this:


I wish you all the best in your affirmation building process, and in your financial career and your life. I hope and pray that you develop raving faith and take extraordinary efforts to achieve your goals, hopes, and dreams. 

See you soon!


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