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MB 246: An Others-Focused Approach to Resort Value-Adds – With Josh McCallen

Josh Maccallen

No question, the hospitality industry is among the hardest hit by COVID-19. And yet, Josh McCallen is thriving. Today, he describes how focusing on resort turnaround projects rather than hotels has benefitted him (and his investors!) through the pandemic and explains how his others-focused approach to hospitality helps him serve his guests and investors well.

MB 227: The State of Multifamily

Our world is in upheaval. Between COVID-19 and the current race riots, nothing feels normal. And this has a lot of real estate investors asking, is now the right time to pursue multifamily? Today, I’m sharing my keynote address from Deal Maker Live 2020 on the current state of apartment building investing!

MB 226: How to Protect Your Wealth in a Crisis – With Russell Gray

The black swan event financial pundits predicted has arrived in the form of COVID-19. But how will the crisis play out? Today, Russell Gray joins me to share his take on the REAL story behind the pandemic and explain what real estate investors can do to protect our wealth and capitalize on hidden opportunities!

MB 221: Achieve BIG Things with Tiny Action – With Brandon Turner

Does the idea of buying a 100-unit apartment complex seem overwhelming? Brandon Turner contends that any process is easy IF you break it down into a series of actions that take five minutes or less. Today, he joins me to explain how to develop a clear VISION and take tiny action each day to achieve it.

MB 220: Affordable Housing by the Numbers – With Damian Bergamaschi

MB 220: Affordable Housing by the Numbers

You may have heard the prediction that unemployment in the US could reach 30%, and that does sound scary. But what do those numbers really mean? Today, Damian Bergamaschi joins me to discuss how that worst-case scenario would impact collections and explain why he is bullish on affordable housing as a reliable long-term investment.

COVID Update – How the CARES Act has impacted 401(k) and IRAs

COVID Update - How the CARES Act has impacted 401(k) and IRAs

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress back in March when the pandemic was just starting to heat up. One aspect of the 800 page bill that investors need to understand is the impact to their retirement accounts. Specifically, you now have the ability to access (up to) $200,000 without penalty. Join me today with my guest, Damion Lupo, to learn how to maximize this unique opportunity.

MB 214: What Syndicators Can Do to Navigate COVID-19 – With Jason Pero

What Syndicators Can Do to Navigate COVID-19

No good comes from making decisions out of fear. So, what can multifamily syndicators do to navigate the next couple of months and cover the bills—even if our tenants can’t pay the rent on time? Today, Jason Pero joins me to explain how he is leveraging the available safeguards to ride out the Coronavirus shutdown!

MB 208: Is the Sky Falling? – With an Expert Panel of Multifamily Operators

Is the Sky Falling?

How will the Coronavirus pandemic impact us as multifamily investors? Today, I’m joined by an expert panel of operators to discuss what we are doing to protect our investments and serve our tenants during this challenging time and how YOU can take advantage of the shift to a buyer’s market in the months to come.