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How To Purchase Apartment Buildings Without ANY of Your Own Money

I’ve written extensively on about raising money from others to get started with investing in apartment buildings. And others have written about creative financing to get into deals without any of your own money. But then there’s the sticky issue of what to do about the deposit money and due diligence costs. No one really […]

Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Commercial Mortgage Broker

Before you put an apartment building deal under contract you should clearly understand your potential lenders’ loan terms and underwriting criteria. Imagine this: you put a deal under contract and you assume a down payment of 20% and you later find that you’ll need to put 30% down? Or that you don’t personally qualify for […]

How to Use a Master Lease to Acquire Commercial Real Estate With No Money Down

The vast majority of commercial real estate deals are “conventional” with regards to financing, meaning they are financed with a commercial lender requiring 20% – 30% down. But it’s important to have other, perhaps more creative financing techniques at your disposal because they can get you into a deal when traditional methods fail. One of […]