Here is a quick inspirational post about the pursuit of excellence in all we do.

I often get bored when I have to do the same things over and over again. But sometimes that’s what we're called to do. I have to remind myself that having a mindset of excellence also applies to the seemingly mundane.

Excellence is not doing extraordinary things, but doing ordinary things well.


  • Operating a restaurant every single day of the year
  • Making sure we’re consistently marketing for real estate deals, listings, or buyers
  • Going to work every day and giving it our best, even though we may not like our boss
  • Loving our spouses and children each day even though sometimes it’s easier not to.

A pursuit of excellence is a combination of always asking “what can we do better” and doing the same thing well each and every day. This requires persistent attention to detail in all we do.

I recently read a book by Tony Dungy. He's the first African American NFL coach to win a Super Bowl. Here is what he said about excellence:

I believe the best way to achieve success is by attention to detail and a commitment to the fundamentals—doing the ordinary things better than anyone else.

No excuses, no explanations.

We’re not all going to reach the Super Bowl or the top of the corporate ladder, but we each have a chance to walk away from something saying, “I did the ordinary things as well as I could. I performed to the full limits of my ability. I achieved success.” Under that definition, a 5–11 team might actually be more successful than a 14–2 team.

In many ways, the pursuit of Excellence in all we do is more important than the outcome. The outcome will take care of itself. Our pursuit of excellence must never waiver, regardless of whether we're winning or losing.

Make it a great day !!!

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