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Why Apartment Demand is Growing

It’s no secret that the demand for apartments in the USA, from both the consumer and investor perspective, is growing. It’s one of the reasons that I am so passionate about investing in the multifamily space. But have you ever wondered why the demand is so high and why it continues to grow?

MB 177: Tech Tools for Data-Driven Multifamily Investing – With Raj Tekchandani

Advancements in technology allow us to access and analyze an incredible amount of data. But what does this mean for multifamily investors? Today, Raj Tekchandani joins me to discuss the AI and machine learning tools geared toward real estate and explain how he quit his job in tech startups to become a data-driven, full-time investor!

When it’s OK to do a bad deal

Is it EVER okay to do a ‘bad deal’? Read on for 3 scenarios where a so-called bad multifamily deal may not be such a bad thing!