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MB288: Why Relationships Are Your Best Insurance Policy – With Jordan Harbinger

Are you waiting until you have a deal before you start networking with investors? Jordan Harbinger contends that you will have much more success if you ‘dig the well before you’re thirsty.’ Today, Jordan shares his proactive approach to building social capital, explaining why relationships are the best insurance policy money can’t buy.

MB 258: The Gifting System That Generates a 10X Return – With John Ruhlin

Without the high-net-worth individuals who put money in our deals, we wouldn’t have a syndication business. And yet, most of us are terrible at showing our appreciation to the passive investors we work with. Today, John Ruhlin introduces us to the gift-giving system that earns a 10X return on investment!

MB 252: Want to Raise Capital? Focus on Investor Relations! – With David Meilan

Raising capital is at the heart of multifamily syndication. But how do you build relationships with investors and make them feel comfortable enough to trust you with their hard-earned money? Today, David Meilan discusses his role as Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity and describes the process of raising capital for a real estate deal.

Why, What, and How To Communicate With Your Investors

While I wrote a lot about FINDING investors for (primarily) apartment building deals, I’ve not really discussed how to interact with your investors AFTER closing. It’s critically important that you communicate with your investors, for at least three reasons: Common courtesy: it’s polite to keep in touch with people who funded your dream. To avoid […]