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When you know, you know.

Once Kyle Collins fell in love with multifamily as an asset class, he didn’t waste any time. In 9 months, he went from zero to 112 units and quit his job to pursue real estate investing full time.

Kyle is the Principal at Beechwood Holdings, a multifamily acquisition firm focused on stabilized, income-producing properties. Prior to founding Beechwood, he served as a sales rep for Martech Medical and the Director of Business Development for his family’s business, Five Rivers Conservation Group. Kyle earned a bachelor’s in finance from Georgia Southern and an MBA from Emory University.

Today, Kyle sits down with me to discuss his transition to full-time real estate investor, sharing the challenges he faced finding deals early on. He explains how to build a network of brokers and potential investors as well as what questions to ask to be taken seriously. Kyle also offers advice on leveraging an experienced property manager, raising capital and investing in your own deal. Listen in for insight around setting realistic expectations and learn how to divide your time among raising money, prospecting deals and running the operations of your portfolio!

Key Takeaways

Kyle’s background and education

Kyle’s transition to real estate

The challenges Kyle faced early on

Kyle’s advice around building a network

Kyle’s advice on being taken seriously

The questions to ask when you see a property

How Kyle leveraged his property management firm

Kyle’s guidance around raising capital

The importance of being excited about a deal

How to reconcile desire with prudence

Kyle’s first 112-unit deal

The value of a quality property manager

What’s next for Kyle

Kyle’s insight on the level of effort necessary

Kyle’s top tips for aspiring multifamily investors

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