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Don’t think you have the time to start investing in multifamily? Anna Kelley is a wife and mother of 4 who worked a demanding full-time job AND built a real estate portfolio on the side, working 82 hours a week for nearly 5 years. She argues that sacrificing your time for a couple of years to buy yourself decades of financial freedom is well worth it. But you’ve got to be willing to take consistent action—even when it’s hard.

Anna is a seasoned real estate investor with a rental portfolio valued at $12.5M. She is also an Amazon bestselling author and sought-after speaker in the realm of buy-and-hold investing, creative financing, vacation rentals, women in real estate, and multifamily investing. Anna has coached several new investors through their first deal, and she is dedicated to educating others on the benefits of multifamily real estate investing.

Today, Anna joins me to discuss how she executed on a 5-year plan to quit her job with real estate investing. She shares her new emphasis on work-life balance, explaining how she is still working hard but making time to focus on her health and family. Anna also offers insight on why she struggled with the decision to quit her job and how that uncertainty inspired her to joint venture and scale up. Listen in for Anna’s advice around finding partners with complementary skills and learn how to MAKE the time to achieve financial freedom!

Anna Kelley – Key Takeaways

How Anna’s life has changed since quitting her job

Anna’s new emphasis on work-life balance

Why Anna questioned the decision to quit her job

How Anna got started investing in real estate

Anna’s five-year plan to replace her income

Anna’s decision to scale up to larger multifamily properties

Anna’s investing advice for her younger self

Anna’s strategic approach to syndicating deals

Anna’s advice around joint venturing

Anna’s insight for aspiring multifamily investors

Anna’s response to the lack of time argument

How Anna got through the difficult times

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