If you want to raise money, I mean REALLY raise money, you need a thought leadership platform. Yes, at the beginning of your career, you will onboard passive investors one at a time. But once you’ve exhausted your network and you’re ready to scale, you’ll need to leverage online marketing techniques to expand your investor base and raise millions for multifamily deals—on a very short timeline.

Josh Cantwell is the CEO of Strategic Real Estate Coach, a program dedicated to giving real estate investors and agents the most advanced training in the business. Josh is the top real estate investor in his community, buying and selling more than 600 properties since 2003, and he regularly partners with other investors to close deals all over the US. He is also the author of The Flip System: Your Real Estate Investing Playbook to Create Financial Freedom and Peace of Mind and the CEO of Freeland Ventures Private Equity and Direct Real Estate Lending, helping investors get funding both residential and multifamily deals.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Josh joins me to explain how his experience with pancreatic cancer changed his personal and professional life, sharing the strategies he uses to be more purposeful with his time and put his family first. He discusses why he chose capital raising for multifamily over syndicating deals and describes his process for raising millions of dollars—in just a few hours. Listen in for Josh’s advice to aspiring capital raisers and learn his four steps to building an online platform that attracts multifamily investors.

Josh Cantwell – Key Takeaways

How Josh’s bout with pancreatic cancer changed his life

  • Focus on being family man first
  • Invest in things that pay in perpetuity

The strategies Josh uses to be purposeful about his time

  • Mornings for strategic thinking
  • Activities that give energy in afternoon (e.g.: investor calls)

Josh’s multiple business ventures

  • Private + hard money lender for residential real estate
  • Raise capital for multifamily via crowdfunding platform
  • Joint venture to raise capital for multifamily

The limiting beliefs that kept Josh away from multifamily

  • Not educated, smart enough
  • Surgery forced out of comfort zone

Why Josh chose raising capital over syndicating deals

  • Background in raising money (funding = freedom)
  • Joint venture with experienced investors

How Josh raises millions of dollars for multifamily in hours

  • Share potential deals in discovery interviews
  • Create scarcity in webinar (e.g.: 400 invites, 12 spots)

Josh’s tips for creating an online platform to raise capital

  1. Start with an irresistible offer
  2. Identify your investor avatar
  3. Be strategic about networking
  4. Reach out with regular content

Josh’s advice for aspiring capital raisers

  • Put yourself in second position
  • Raising money not a ‘forever business’
  • Stay in front of potential investors
  • Educate without asking for money
  • People will test with small investments

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