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A lifestyle investor doesn’t trade time for money. They buy cashflowing assets that replace their W-2 income and go on to build a life around what matters most—focusing on their family, their passions and their purpose.

So, what steps can YOU take to become a financially independent lifestyle investor?

Justin Donald is the Founder of The Lifestyle Investor, a platform designed to help people use low-risk, cashflow investing to enjoy a life of passive income NOW. He leveraged real estate to grow his net worth to eight figures in less than two years, and he shares the blueprint in The Lifestyle Investor: The 10 Commandments of Cashflow Investing for Passive Income and Financial Freedom. Justin also serves as the host of the Lifestyle Investor Podcast.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Justin joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss the steps he took to replace his lifestyle income and create a life of his own design. Justin explains how he got his start investing in mobile home parks and walks us through his first three commandments for investing in income-producing assets. Listen in for insight on Justin’s mission to help investors buy our time back, achieve financial freedom and pursue a purposeful, inspiring life!

Key Takeaways

What Justin covers in The Lifestyle Investor

  • 10 criteria for how he invests for cashflow
  • Buy time with income-producing assets

The steps to becoming a lifestyle investor

  • Connect with other people on similar path
  • Find mentors who’ve done what you want

How Justin defines a lifestyle investor

  • Leverage assets that produce cashflow
  • Create intentional life of own design

How Justin got into real estate investing

  • Replace income with mobile home parks
  • Diversify with other kinds of investments

Justin’s first 3 commandments of lifestyle investing

  1. Lifestyle first (create freedom vision)
  2. Reduce risk
  3. Find invisible deals

What investors learn in Justin’s mastermind

  • Evaluate deals, advice from community
  • Access to deal flow and tax strategy

The danger of herd mentality investing

  • Listen to people with proven track record
  • Do your own due diligence

Justin’s advice on finding income amplifiers

  • Don’ be afraid to negotiate different terms
  • Way deal shows up not how has to end

How long it took Justin to achieve financial freedom

  • 2 years to cover family’s basic expenses
  • 3 years to cover lifestyle income ($12K/mo)

What Justin wants his legacy to be

  • Help people live life desire TODAY
  • Show plan for how to get there

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