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It’s easy to talk yourself out of your first multifamily deal. Working through obstacle after obstacle alone wears on a first-time syndicator, and you feel like giving up. But if you partner with another investor, you don’t want to let each other down. And you push through adversity, showing up with a kind of tenacity you may not have had on your own. 

Gary Van Bortel and John Bilinski are the syndication team behind ROC Capital Group, a multifamily investment firm out of Rochester, New York. Gary and John have 30 years of investing experience between them, building individual portfolios of single family and small multifamily properties before partnering on their first apartment syndication in 2020, a $1M raise for 48-unit deal in Syracuse. Gary and John are also the organizers of the Upstate Commercial Apartment Investors Meetup.

On this episode of Apartment Building Investing, Gary and John join cohost Garrett Lynch and me to explain why they decided to work together, describing how a partnership motivates you to keep moving forward—even when a deal gets hairy. Gary and John discuss how they connected with potential investors through a local Meetup and share how they got investors to commit to their first deal. Listen in for insight on pushing through when things don’t go according to plan (I’m looking at you, COVID) and learn to leverage a strong partnership to work through obstacles together. 

Key Takeaways 

How Gary got into real estate

How John got into real estate

What inspired Gary and John’s shift to multifamily

Why Gary and John decided to partner

How Gary and John primed investors

How Gary and John found their first deal

What made Gary and John’s first deal a challenge

Gary and John’s journey to raising $1M

How Gary and John got investors on board 

The obstacles Gary and John faced with COVID

Gary and John’s advice for aspiring syndicators

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