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Imagine having the ability to raise $100M for syndication deals in less than 18 months on your favorite social media platform! The fact is, you can take advantage of Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok to reach accredited investors and build connection until they trust you with their money. But how do you create a personal brand and grow an audience online?

Brandon Turner is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, speaker and host of the BiggerPockets Podcast. He serves as Founder and Managing Partner at Open Door Capital, a firm that focuses on value-add multifamily properties and mobile home parks. Brandon is also the coauthor of the recently released two-volume series The Multifamily Millionaire

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Brandon joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to discuss his recent shift to large multifamily projects, explaining how his platform allows him to raise tens of millions in days on Instagram. He shares his passion for mobile home parks, challenging aspiring investors to ‘follow our fire’ and surround ourselves with the people doing what we want. Listen in for Brandon’s insight on building a personal brand and learn to leverage the power of a platform to scale your syndication business!

Brandon Turner Podcast – Key Takeaways 

What inspired Brandon’s shift to large multifamily

  • Got in room with investors doing bigger projects
  • Realized not aligned with what could be doing

Why Brandon is fired up about mobile home parks

  • Wanted to be at bottom of market in recession
  • Love challenge of hard things (passion = suffering)

Brandon’s pivot to large multifamily syndications

  • Bring ability to raise capital to JV partnerships
  • 3 deals worth more than 20 mobile home parks

Why Brandon likes building his platform on Instagram

  • Good for getting people to know, like and trust you
  • People choose to invest based on how you live

How Brandon would build a following if he had to start over

  • Use Instagram reels/TikTok to reach lots of people
  • Build connection on Instagram, funnel to email list

Why Brandon is building his email and text lists

  • Instagram can’t take away addresses or phone #s
  • Reach out to accredited investors (high open rate)

Brandon’s insight on building a personal brand

  • How other people feel when think about you
  • Lean into what people say, e.g.: @thedatadeli

The pros and cons of investing in small multifamily

  • Less cash required and easier to manage
  • Can only get so big, more competition on deals

The pros and cons of investing in large multifamily 

  • More risk, must be good at business
  • Can scale quickly and buy $1B in short time

Brandon’s advice to aspiring multifamily investors

  • Option 1—learn with small projects and scale up
  • Option 2—bypass with help of mentor/partner
  • Follow your fire

Connect with Brandon Turner

Brandon on Instagram

Brandon on TikTok

Brandon on BiggerPockets 

The Multifamily Millionaire, Volume I by Brandon Turner and Brian Murray

The Multifamily Millionaire, Volume II by Brandon Turner and Brian Murray


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