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How do you become a full-time investor who owns more than 1,000 doors by the age of 27?

According to Adrian Salazar, the secret is having the guts to go out and be different.

Adrian started wholesaling SFHs as a freshman in college and closed on his first apartment building as a sophomore. Today, he is Managing Member at Two Ten Management, and he controls $8.8M in multifamily assets.

On this episode of the podcast, Adrian joins Garrett and me to explain how the sales skills he developed early on help him succeed as a young real estate entrepreneur.

Adrian shares the wholesaling strategies he uses to find off-market deals and describes his approach to building rapport with owners.

Listen in for Adrian’s advice on putting yourself in the right rooms and learn to take action on YOUR real estate investing goals—no matter how young or old you are!

Key Takeaways

How Adrian got into real estate as a college student

  • Introduced to personal development at age 16
  • Attended free Kiyosaki real estate event

How Adrian overcame a lack of support from friends and family

  • Realized naysayers didn’t have life he wanted
  • Got involved in real estate networking events

The sales skills that help Adrian succeed in real estate

  • Okay with being out of his comfort zone
  • Build rapport first, talk about deals later

What inspired Adrian’s shift to multifamily investing

  • Vision included building wealth and travel
  • Introduced to apartments by business partner

The steps Adrian took to get into multifamily investing

  • Get educated and invest in SDA course
  • Wholesale first 5 deals, then buy and hold

How Adrian uses wholesaling strategies to find off-market deals

  • Buy lists and skip trace to find owners
  • Mailers, cold calling and knock on doors
  • ‘Guts to go out and be different’

How Adrian’s partnership with Mauricio works

  • Mauricio is analytical, underwrites deals quickly
  • Adrian serves as relationship guy

Adrian’s advice to aspiring real estate investors

  • Take advantage of free resources
  • Put yourself in right rooms
  • Take massive action consistently

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