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When you’re raising capital for a real estate deal, it’s tempting to pitch potential investors right away.

But if you try to sell a high-net-worth individual before you’ve established trust, your chances of conversion are slim to none.

So, how do you make meaningful connections with HNWIs and build trust in a way that makes them want to invest with you?

Brad Blazar is the creator of Capital School, one of the fastest growing communities for entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs learning to attract, raise and close high-net-worth investors.

Having raised well over $2 billion for his own businesses, Brad is a sought-after speaker on the subject of raising capital and author of Winning at the Capital Game: Using Other People’s Money to Build Wealth.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Brad joins me to explain what works in building relationships with high-net-worth individuals, walking us through the steps he takes to establish trust prior to a pitch.

Brad discusses how to stay in contact with potential investors while you’re waiting for a live deal and describes what he’s doing to raise capital in an uncertain economic environment.

Listen in for insight around raising private equity money for real estate deals and learn Brad’s genius strategies for connecting with potential investors—at traditional networking events or a nearby Starbucks!

Key Takeaways

How Brad got his start raising capital from HNWI

What works in building relationships with HNWI

Brad’s insight on key steps in the trust sequence

The validation phrase Brad uses BEFORE the pitch

How Brad stays in contact until he has a live deal

Brad’s unorthodox approach to finding investors

What’s different about raising private equity money

How Brad raises capital in an environment of fear

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