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When Dan Handford got into multifamily syndications in 2018, he raised $4M. By 2022, he had scaled his capital raise to $294M.

What’s his secret? How did Dan grow his investor database to nearly 1,700 and his portfolio to 4,000+ doors in just five years?

Dan is Managing Partner of, a real estate investing firm with $1.2B in assets under management based in the Carolinas.

Dan’s syndication company began with a focus on multifamily but has expanded include self-storage, carwashes and hotels.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Dan sits down with Garrett and me to explain how he worked his way up from passive investor to co-GP to lead syndicator.

Dan discusses how he finds new investors with an online authority platform and grows his team along with his real estate portfolio.

Listen in to understand why Dan is diversifying across asset classes and learn how to scale your capital raise, your team and your portfolio value in just a few short years!

Key Takeaways

How Dan got started with real estate

The different ways to get into multifamily syndications

How Dan scaled up to raise nearly $300M in 2022

How Dan grows his team with his portfolio

Dan’s top challenges as he scales his company

How Dan’s outlook for 2023 impacts his goals

Why Dan decided to diversify across asset classes

Dan’s vision for the future of

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