You have all the skills you need to become a successful multifamily investor. But without the right mindset, you’re unlikely to achieve financial freedom.

So, what can aspiring investors do to overcome the limiting beliefs and bad habits that are holding them back?

Faisal Ensaun has coached more than 2,000 entrepreneurs, CEOs, executives and athletes, guiding them to connect with their vision and potential.

Dr. Sheri Fluellen is a psychologist and coach who works exclusively with real estate investors, helping them maximize their life contribution through real estate investing.

Together, Faisal and Sheri are the creators of the Coaching Mastery Community, where they teach other coaches to develop their coaching ability and business practice.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Faisal and Sheri join Garrett and me to discuss the mindset issues that keep newbie investors stuck, describing how a lack of vision prevents us from achieving our goals.

Sheri offers advice on vetting a coach to find the right one for you, and Faisal explains why you need a someone who’s battled on their own path to success.

Listen in to understand how a coach’s support extends beyond real estate and learn how a high-performance coach can help YOU become a successful investor with an awesome life!

Key Takeaways

How a coach helped Faisal achieve personal success

  • Believed in his potential
  • Helped figure out what he wanted
  • ‘Blew open all doors’ in 6 months

Sheri’s advice on how to find the right coach

  • Deep conversation around experience
  • Past clients and outcomes provided

The mindset issues that hold most people back

  1. Stuck in external validation mode
  2. Don’t believe they can
  3. Lack of clarity on vision

What differentiates a psychologist from a coach

  • Psychologists look back, help people be ‘normal’
  • Coaches are forward-focused on awesome life

How a coach helps people achieve their vision

  • Uncover and focus on what matters
  • Identify and overcome stuck points

How coaching extends beyond real estate

  • Explore importance of human connection
  • Help prioritize family relationships

Faisal’s take on coaches without real estate experience

  • Needs to have battled own success path
  • Must have training in coaching principles

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