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Are you looking to build a business but don’t want to start from scratch? What if you could learn a proven system and receive support from someone who’s done it themselves?

Then you might be interested in an RV rental management franchise, a business that monetizes the RV boom and helps entrepreneurs build wealth with WHEEL estate!

Garr Russell is Founder and CEO of Fireside RV Rental, the Airbnb of RVs. Since its inception in 2015, Fireside has grown into a franchise with 40 locations across the country and hundreds of RVs under management.

A born entrepreneur, Garr has started, scaled and sold several companies. His genius lies in understanding systems, marketing, and forging the way for others.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Garr joins us to explain how renting out his own RV inspired him to build and scale Fireside.

Garr discusses how RV owners benefit from the Fireside business model and describes how franchisees learn his proven system and receive support from expert RV rental managers.

Listen in for Garr’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and learn how to launch, grow and manage a successful RV rental business with other people’s RVs—no prior experience required.

Key Takeaways

What Garr loves about RVing

Fireside RV Rental’s business model

How stakeholders benefit in Fireside’s model

How Garr got into the RV business

Garr’s background as an entrepreneur 

Fireside’s business opportunity for franchisees

Opportunities to scale an RV management business

How Garr turned his business into a franchise

Garr’s vision for the future of Fireside RV Rental

Garr’s advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

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