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Vinney “Smile” Chopra shares his amazing journey from arriving to this country from India with $7 in his pocket to building a $70M multifamily real estate empire.  In this episode, we focus in particular on how he started his multifamily investing career and how he eventually raised $1.1M to do his first two deals.

After having graduated from George Washington University, Vinney became a mechanical engineer. He was fascinated by sales and marketing and sold encyclopedias and bibles door-to-door. For several decades, he was a professional fundraiser for non-profit organizations. He started investing in single family houses in the mid-eighties, but in 2007 he became passionate about multifamily investing. Since then, he’s done $125M worth of real estate transactions and currently controls over 1,400 units.

Vinney’s middle name is “Smile” because that what he did a lot during our interview. Here are the topics we cover on the podcast:

Key Takeaways

[7:30] Vinney’s start in real estate investing

[12:47] Vinny’s preferred method of learning

[13:31] Why positive thinking is so important if you want to achieve your goals

[18:13] Why Vinney decided to stop investing in single family housing

[20:33] Why Vinney recommends finding a partner

[26:17] Why you should talk to a syndication attorney before raising money

[28:00] Vinney’s very first deal

[32:14] How Vinney raised money for his first deal

[38:55] How one happy investor can lead to 30 more

Resources Mentioned in This Episode

Vinney's Investor Presentation (PDF)

Connect with Vinney

Phone: 925-766-3518 (call or text)

Email: [email protected]

Vinney’s course on syndication:

6 Responses

  1. Hi Michael- I have your Deal Analyzer and have listened to some of your
    podcasts. I had purchased a 10 unit that I turned into a 14 unit just
    prior to getting your Deal Analyzer. Now I’m looking for a 50-100
    unit. I wanted to make a suggestion for your podcasts. I’m a lot like
    Vinney in that I listen to a ton of podcasts and one thing I like about
    certain ones is the ability to speed up the audio. Not just skip but
    the actual speed (1.5x, 2x etc). If you could add that to yours I would
    definitely listen to more and I’m sure others would as well. Anyway,
    great work so far. Please keep it up.

  2. Hi Sal – that’s a good suggestion. Are you talking about when listening to the episode in the browser? Or what are you using to listen to podcasts? (I thought this was the function of whatever podcast app you’re using). Thanks!

  3. Hi Michael- I was listening to the episode on this page of your website. So, just through the browser and I guess through whatever player WordPress uses? Where else can I get your podcasts?

  4. Thank you, Michael. Very inspirational story. I’m very excited about getting into this business and Vinney’s story motivates me even more. I appreciate how he stressed the importance of hustling and networking outside your immediate circle of friends and family to raise money. I also value those relationships, but I think they shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to invest if they want to so I’m thinking about that.

  5. Vinney was soooo awesome! You can tell that he’s got a great spirit about himself! Some great tips and knowledge about forming your first syndication. I’m in the process of forming mine now and I’m excited about the process. Thanks for everything you do!

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