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‘When others are fearful, be greedy. When others are greedy, be fearful.’ Today’s guest took Warren Buffet’s advice to heart, moving past her fear and reaching out to investors at the top of their game to ask for guidance as she shifted from single-family fix and flips to 300-plus unit multi-family properties. Her bigger-is-better philosophy has led to a love of investing in sizable unloved properties and performing a full-gut rehab to revitalize the property – and the community.

Kira Golden is the CEO of Direct Source Wealth, a real estate development company out of Denver that does direct deals and serves as a platform for new and experienced investors. By the time she was 18, Kira had holdings in both the real estate and stock market. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from George Washington University with a master’s in public administration, Kira worked as a financial advisor at Edward Jones until she was in a position to live off her investment income. She currently owns properties in Washington, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Ohio, Puerto Rico and France.

Kira is on a mission to bring high-quality deals to Main Street, providing clients with the financial freedom she has earned through investment in real estate. Today she shares how she financed her first deals, what prompted her shift from single- to multi-family properties, and why she reaches out to big name investors at the top of their game. Listen in to understand how to choose the right equity partners and why Kira recommends investing in apartments – the sooner the better!

Key Takeaways

[2:25] How Kira got her start in real estate investing

[5:13] How Kira financed her first deals

[9:14] Kira’s minimalist philosophy

[10:56] Kira’s shift from single- to multi-family investments

[15:07] Kira’s intent behind reaching out to potential partners

[16:56] Kira’s first 30-unit multi-family deal

[19:19] How Kira attracts investors

[23:12] What Kira learned from reaching out to sought-after investors

[27:34] The importance of alignment in selecting an equity partner

[30:47] How Kira would approach raising money for 30-unit deal without equity partner

[31:56] Kira’s 315-unit full gut rehab

[34:16] Why Kira wishes she had done multi-family sooner

[37:21] Kira’s advice for aspiring real estate investors

[39:15] What’s next for Kira and Direct Source Wealth

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