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Real estate has always had tax advantages, but in recent years, the deal got even sweeter for multifamily investors. 

So, how do we write off depreciation? What is a cost segregation study and how can it save us even more? 

Heidi Henderson serves as Executive Vice President at Engineered Tax Services, the nation’s leading tax credit and incentives firm. As an experienced tax consultant and real estate investor herself, Heidi specializes in the application of tax efficiencies to multifamily investments.

On this episode of the podcast, Heidi joins cohost Garrett Lynch and me to share the unique tax advantages of real estate and explain why the US government incentivizes multifamily investors.

Heidi describes how to take advantage of BONUS depreciation (provided for by the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act) by conducting a detailed cost segregation analysis.

Listen in for Heidi’s insight on determining the ROI of a cost seg study and find out how YOU can save tens of thousands of dollars with the magic of accelerated depreciation!

Key Takeaways 

The unique tax advantages of real estate

Why the government incentivizes real estate investors

What depreciation is and how it works

 Why you should claim bonus depreciation right away

How to take advantage of accelerated depreciation

What to look for in a company that does cost seg

How to determine your ROI on a cost seg analysis

The limitations on taxable income for passive investors

Why we should cash in on bonus depreciation now

Connect with Heidi Henderson

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Heidi on LinkedIn 

Email [email protected] 

Call (801) 564-4464

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