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Are you struggling to do your first real estate deal? Is there an aspect of the multifamily business that’s taking a long time to master on your own?

What if you stopped asking HOW and started asking WHO? Who is already good at this? And can they teach me?

Sam Kwak is one half of the real estate duo and YouTube sensation known as The Kwak Brothers. Based in Chicago, Sam and his brother Daniel hold a portfolio worth just over $4.5M.

Beyond investing in multifamily, Sam leverages his background in marketing and technology to help property managers automate their business.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Sam joins host Garrett Lynch to explain how volunteering to work for free with a local investor served as a shortcut to his success.

Sam describes how he leverages an online platform to raise money for real estate deals, discussing why the focus of his content has changed and how hiring a high-level consultant grew his YouTube channel from 108K to 260K subscribers in just four months.

Listen in for Sam’s insight on navigating challenges in a business partnership and learn how to accelerate your real estate career by investing in a mentor or coach—and then applying that knowledge to get further, faster!

Key Takeaways 

How Sam got involved in real estate

  • Rich Dad… inspired to pursue passive income
  • Volunteered to work for free for local investor

Sam’s advice on how to shortcut your success

  • Find someone good at it and pay to teach you
  • Don’t ask for HOW, ask for WHO

How Sam got his first real estate deal

  • Seller reached out on social media
  • Used owner financing to buy 4 SFH portfolio

What made 2017 Sam’s breakout year

  • Went from 0 to 75 rentals in 12 months
  • Raised capital and used seller financing

How Sam uses social media in real estate

  • Build trust and credibility through YouTube
  • Raise capital and people send deals

The evolution of Sam’s YouTube channel

  • Started in 2015 but got serious in 2018
  • Coach helped grow to 260K subscribers

How the focus of Sam’s content has changed

  • Began as real estate resource channel
  • Now political commentary on current events

Why the focus of Sam’s content has changed

  • Attract politically conservative audience
  • Introduce to real estate over time

Sam’s subtle approach to converting his audience

  • Shout outs, link books + courses in description
  • YouTube suggests evergreen real estate videos

How Sam learned to build an online platform

  • Model successful channels, test things out
  • Hire high-level coach Derral Eves

Why some people hire coaches and still fail

  • ‘It’s not a genie in a lamp’
  • Still takes work to apply what you learn

Sam’s experience of partnering with his brother

  • Rocky start with many arguments
  • Friction led to self-awareness

How Sam and his brother Daniel separate roles

  • Sam focuses on marketing and systems
  • Daniel builds relationships, raises capital

Connect with Sam Kwak

The Kwak Brothers on YouTube

Sam on Facebook

Sam on Instagram

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