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“I had this moment where I realized, ‘No, I’m not going to be the CEO of somebody else’s dreams. I’m going to be the CEO of my own dreams.’ I declared that day that I was never going to be an employee again.”

Tamar Mar is an adventurer at heart. She spent 20 years in the startup and small business arena, working as COO for prominent companies in the FinTech and real estate brokerage space. After making that decision to be the CEO of her own dreams, Tamar became what she calls a ‘business opportunist,’ building out her real estate portfolio and investing in small businesses like The Fitness Shop, a high-end specialty fitness equipment retailer.

Tamar invested in her first property at the age of 19, and she has owned rental properties for 15-plus years. From purchasing homes on auction to fix-and-flips to large-scale renovations projects, she has a keen eye for evaluating deals. This year, Tamar has shifted her focus to the acquisition of underperforming commercial and multi-family.  Today she shares how she made the shift from single- tomulti-family real estate, her approach to landing the first deal, and how she has become a ‘capital magnet.’  Listen in and get inspired to dream big and ‘take massive stinking action every day.’

Key Takeaways

[3:06] How Tamar got involved with real estate

[5:52] Tamar’s first real estate strategy

[6:40] Tamar’s shift from single- to multi-family

[7:24] Why people are intimidated by multi-family

[8:04] What inspired Tamar’s shift to multi-family

[9:03] Tamar’s approach to landing her first multi-family deal

[12:05] How Tamar raised the capital to fund her first multi-family deal

[14:51] How the project is performing so far

[16:15] Tamar’s exit strategy

[16:57] How the Law of the First Deal is impacting Tamar

[21:23] How Tamar’s multi-family success has shifted her perspective

[22:15] Tamar’s AHA moment

[24:06] Tamar’s advice to her younger self

[25:03] Tamar’s advice to aspiring multi-family investors

[26:22] What Tamar is excited about moving forward

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