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MB416: Monetizing the RV Boom with Wheel Estate — With Garr Russell

Are you looking to build a business but don’t want to start from scratch? What if you could learn a proven system and receive support from someone who’s done it themselves? Listen in as Garr Russell shares the opportunity to grow an RV rental management franchise and build wealth with WHEEL estate!

MB410: The Negotiator’s Edge — With Garrett Lynch

Whether you’re looking to close a real estate deal or just improve your everyday interactions, the art of negotiation is key to getting to a YES. But what if you’re not a natural negotiator? Listen in as Garrett Lynch explains how to build rapport and navigate difficult conversations to earn the negotiator’s edge!

MB409: Can You Fix-and-Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom? — With Michael Blank

If you’re thinking about starting your real estate career with fix-and-flips or even a SFH portfolio, know that neither strategy leads to financial freedom. But can you really skip single family investing and jump right into apartments? Listen in as I explain why you don’t need money or experience to get into multifamily investing!

MB407: How to Create Wealth in 2024 — With Michael Blank

how to create wealth in 2024

You want financial freedom, but it feels out of reach. Because you’re living paycheck to paycheck. And struggling to pay down consumer debt. So, how do you get from where you are now to building generational wealth? Listen in as I explain how to create wealth in 2024 with multifamily real estate.