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Not everyone who wants to be a real estate investor sticks with it long enough to be successful. But if you apply a sales mindset to multifamily investing, you will be able to take the initial rejection and keep pushing.

Because as Eric Chadderdon says, ‘The only time you lose in this business is if you quit.’

Eric is Managing Partner at Gibby’s Capital Investments, a boutique firm that helps investors diversify their portfolios with commercial real estate. He got into multifamily in December of 2020 and has amassed a portfolio of 724 units in just 18 months!

Prior to founding Gibby’s, Eric spent 12 years in the sales industry, and he leverages the skills he learned there to build relationships in the multifamily space.

On this episode of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, Eric joins Garrett and me to explain why he quit his W-2 job after his first multifamily deal and explore how the skills he learned in sales translate to real estate.

Eric discusses what he did to build relational capital in the real estate space, challenging us to put ourselves in the right rooms and add value any way we can—without asking for compensation.

Listen in for Eric’s insight on underwriting in an uncertain market environment and learn how a sales mindset can help YOU scale a multifamily portfolio and quit your 9-to-5 with real estate!

Key Takeaways 

Why Eric quit his sales job after his first multifamily deal

The strengths Eric brings to the real estate business

What Eric did to build relational capital in multifamily

How Eric picked up other skills along the way

Eric’s experience with the Law of the First Deal

How Eric scaled his portfolio to 724 units in 18 months

How Eric’s team divides up roles and responsibilities

Eric’s approach to investing in an uncertain economy

What debt Eric is looking at in the current market

Eric’s vision for Gibby’s Capital moving forward

Eric’s advice for aspiring multifamily investors

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