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Mario Rapaj has been in our mentoring program for nine months now, but he hasn’t closed his first deal.

And he’s frustrated.

So, what’s holding Mario back?

Is he doing the right activities? Does he have any limiting beliefs? What can he do to get unstuck and finally become a GP?

Mario is Founder of Tex-Alb Real Estate Investment Group, a syndication business headquartered in Dallas, Texas. He has an LP portfolio of 375 multifamily units and owns several single-family properties.

Mario is driven to improve the quality of life in the communities where he invests and help passive investors build generational wealth.

On this Business Boost coaching session, Mario shares his challenges in finding deals that fit his criteria and getting investors to commit in the current market.

I ask Mario what he’s doing to raise capital, offering advice around how to get more investor leads and connect with partners who specialize in raising money.

Listen in for insight on finding a mentor to support your investing journey and learn how to stay the course and take consistent daily action to achieve financial freedom with real estate!

Key Takeaways

How Mario got into multifamily investing

  • Moved to US in 2015, realized he could buy apartment buildings
  • Invested as LP in 2 properties but wants to do deals himself

Why Mario chose the Michael Blank mentoring program

  • Recognized that he needs help raising money as equity partner
  • Networking with other investors, avoid problems along way

Mario’s experience so far as an aspiring multifamily investor

  • Positive experience learning DFW market
  • Realizes it’s critical to work with other good, motivated people

What Mario’s frustrated with right now in his multifamily journey

  • Unable to find deals that align with criteria
  • Hesitation among friends/family to invest in current market

What Mario is doing to find deals

  • Building relationships with brokers, property managers
  • Analyzing deals with support from mentors

What Mario is doing to raise capital

  • Educating friends/family and new connections on multifamily
  • Put names in database and follow up with biweekly email

What Mario might to do get more soft commits from investors

  • Ask current database for referrals
  • Look for partner that specializes in raising capital

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