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From House Flipping to Financial Freedom: My Real Estate Investment Journey

If you’re someone who has flipped a house, wholesaled a property, been a landlord, or you’re just thinking about diving into single-family real estate investments, this story will resonate with you. Like many, my initial exposure to real estate investment came from reading the influential book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” This book isn’t just about real estate—it’s a mindset shift towards financial independence and understanding passive income. But as I’ve discovered through my journey, the path to real estate riches isn’t always straightforward.

Why You Don’t Need 10 Years of Real Estate Experience to Buy Apartments

Do you think that apartments are only for people who have done dozens of real estate transactions over 5+ years?

What if I told you that even if your experience in real estate is minimal—maybe just a flip or a wholesale deal under your belt—you’re still in a prime position to jump into buying an apartment building?

If you’ve believed that this is out of your league, let me set the record straight: that’s a myth.

MB409: Can You Fix-and-Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom? — With Michael Blank

If you’re thinking about starting your real estate career with fix-and-flips or even a SFH portfolio, know that neither strategy leads to financial freedom. But can you really skip single family investing and jump right into apartments? Listen in as I explain why you don’t need money or experience to get into multifamily investing!

MB393: From US Marine to Multifamily Fund Manager – With Joseph Kimbrough

Former Marine Joseph Kimbrough was a successful wholesaler, but the work was a constant grind. To achieve financial freedom, he needed equity. Listen in Joseph describes his transition from professional deal finder to fund manager, explaining how he raises capital from HNWI and invests that money with the best multifamily operators in the business!

Wholesaling Multifamily

Wholesaling Multifamily

Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Wholesaling Multifamily You can make a lot of money fairly quickly with wholesaling. It offers you the opportunity to learn a lot about the industry, and it’s accessible even if you don’t have a lot of cash. On the other hand, your […]

MB346: How to Own 1,000 Doors by Age 27 – With Adrian Salazar

Wholesaling Strategies with Adrian Salazar

How do you become a full-time real estate entrepreneur who owns more than 1,000 doors by the age of 27? According to Adrian Salazar, the secret is having the guts to go out and be different. Listen in as Adrian explains how he leverages sales skills to build relationships with owners and other multifamily investors!

Pros and Cons of Wholesaling Real Estate


Make sure you download ALL my resources for FREE at this link: Pros and Cons of Wholesaling Real Estate I got started with real estate back in 2006, before the recession. I started with single-family houses. I signed up with a local mentor and he happened to be a wholesaler. He taught me marketing […]

MB 242: The Systems to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Jorge Abreu

MB 242: The Systems to Scale Your Syndication Business – With Jorge Abreu What is the key to scaling a real estate investing business? Growing your investor database? Raising more and more capital for deals? Putting together and training a capable team? Yes, all of those things are absolutely necessary. And they all require that […]

MB 218: The Most Direct Route to Financial Freedom – With Jacob Blackett

The Most Direct Route to Financial Freedom – With Jacob Blackett

How do you overcome losing $40K on your first deal and go on to become a successful multifamily syndicator? Today, Jacob Blackett joins me to discuss his rocky start in real estate as a 19-year-old fix-and-flipper and explain what YOU can do to avoid his mistakes and take a more direct route to financial freedom!