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How To Overcome Limiting Beliefs As A New Investor


  Cody Davis shares with us his thoughts about limiting beliefs as a younger real estate investor: This means, not just young in age, but also in experience. We all start at Ground Zero. Everybody, regardless of whether or not you’re born into money, has to start at ground zero for building up their knowledge […]

What Makes Buying a Foreclosed Property Risky

What Makes Buying Foreclosed Property Risky

  Foreclosed properties sound like a great idea. We’ve all seen those HGTV shows where someone makes a lot of money on one. But there are a lot of risks involved. What are the risks and dangers of buying a foreclosed property? A foreclosed home is one that needs a lot of work. The previous […]

MB295: Become a Person of Value, Achieve Success – With John Lee Dumas

Become a Person of Value, Achieve Success With John Lee Dumas

John Lee Dumas spent the first 32 years of his life chasing the almighty dollar—with little success. But then he took Einstein’s advice and decided to become a man of value, starting the podcast Entrepreneurs on Fire. Today, he shares his top lessons learned from interviewing 3,000 of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs!

Secure Your Financial Freedom With the Freedom Vault

Secure Your Financial Freedom With the Freedom Vault

Click Here For Instant Access The Freedom Vault is your all-in-one resource for getting started with Multifamily Real Estate. It is possible to achieve financial freedom in the next 1-3 years… And it doesn’t require you to flip a single house… Or use any of your own money. We created the Freedom Vault to house […]

The TRUTH About Being An Entrepreneur


There are pros and cons to being an entrepreneur. One thing that is definitely a challenge about entrepreneurship is there’s no guarantee as to how you’re going to get paid next. However, you soon realize that you’re directly in control of the money that comes into your pocket. So while there’s no safety net, there […]

MB294: Build Your Confidence at Deal Maker Bootcamp – With Drew Kniffin


Aspiring multifamily investors who work through a simulation of their first deal are more likely to succeed than those who don’t practice the process beforehand. Today, Drew Kniffin and I explain how our upcoming Deal Maker Bootcamp gives you the opportunity to practice the steps in finding and closing on your first apartment building!

Real Estate Agent Vs. Real Estate Investor – Where To Get Started

Real Estate Agent Vs. Real Estate Investor - Where To Get Started

Should you be a real estate agent or a real estate investor? This is a common question people wonder about. Cody Davis had the same question when he started. Hear his take on it: You’re likely trying to figure out if you need to become a real estate agent. The first question I’m gonna ask […]

Millennials’ Attitude Toward Home Ownership

Who exactly are the millennials? And why do they matter so much? The millennials are defined as people born between 1981 and 1996. They’re an important group because they grew up with computers, technology, and smartphones in their hands, unlike previous generations. They’re connected digitally to others and this connection changes the way they behave. […]

MB 292: Find the Right Investing Partners Through Core Values

MB 292 Core Values

Multifamily investing is a team sport. And choosing the right partners and team members is critical. But how do you determine who’s the right fit for your organization and who isn’t? Today, I walk you through the process of identifying what you stand for and using those core values to make decisions in your investing business!

First Steps Passive Investors Need to Take

David Meilan, Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity is frequently asked how passive investors can prepare themselves to work with a syndicate. We asked him to share the first steps that a passive investor needs to take when they’re thinking about investing with a syndicate so they can be prepared as possible. Now, in […]