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5 Mistakes Newbie Multifamily Investors Make

5 Mistakes Newbie Multifamily Investors Make

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of multifamily investing. Maybe you have family, friends, or co-workers who have had great success in multifamily investing. Maybe you heard a podcast or read a book, and decided you wanted a piece of the multifamily pie.  Before you dive in headfirst, I want to make sure that you […]

MB 250: The Best of 2020 on Apartment Building Investing

Multifamily is recession-proof, and 2020 gave us a chance to prove it. Today, I’m sharing the Best of 2020 on Apartment Building Investing, revisiting conversations with Russell Gray, Brandon Turner, Gino Wickman, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Drew Kniffin, Drew Whitson and Garrett Lynch on entrepreneurship, marketing to investors and protecting your wealth in a crisis!

MB 245: Bring in 1031 Exchange Investors with the DST – With Paul Moore

As syndicators, we’d love to work with 1031 exchange investors more often. But the rules make it really, really difficult! It means taking on co-owners and big bucks in legal fees. Today, Paul Moore introduces us to the Delaware Statutory Trust, a tax-deferred strategy that allows 1031 investors to invest passively in syndication deals!

MB 240: How to Get Unstuck & Get Into Action – With Matt Brawner

A lot of would-be multifamily syndicators get stuck, sometimes out of fear and sometimes because they want to plan every step of the process before they begin. But that’s not how entrepreneurship works! Today, Matt Brawner joins us to explain how to embrace the unknown and get into action to become successful real estate investor.

MB 235: What Is a Platform & Why Should You Build One?

What’s the secret to growing a multimillion-dollar syndication business? The strategy that has worked for my team, allowing us to raise MILLIONS effortlessly in just a few days, starts with building an online thought leadership platform. Today, I’m walking you through the 3 pillars of platform building for multifamily real estate investors!

MB 231: Lessons of a Master Multifamily Deal Finder – With Garrett Lynch

2020 has been a tough year for finding multifamily deals. In fact, the Nighthawk team is currently in the process of closing on our first and only deal of the year. Today, Garrett Lynch joins me to explain what we’re looking for in a deal and how we’ve adjusted our underwriting in the COVID era!

MB 230: Don’t Wait for a Crisis to Get Your Priorities Straight!

Don't Wait for a Crisis

If you knew you only had six months to live, what would you do differently? Who would you spend time with? How would you spend your days? Today, I’m describing the recent health crisis that forced me to rethink my priorities and reaffirmed my mission to help people achieve financial freedom with multifamily investing!

MB 226: How to Protect Your Wealth in a Crisis – With Russell Gray

The black swan event financial pundits predicted has arrived in the form of COVID-19. But how will the crisis play out? Today, Russell Gray joins me to share his take on the REAL story behind the pandemic and explain what real estate investors can do to protect our wealth and capitalize on hidden opportunities!

Deal Maker Live Virtual 2020! Roundup & Review

Deal Maker Live Virtual

We did it! Deal Maker Live 2020 went from being a planned-in-person event to a full-on, 4 Day virtual live-stream event, and boy, did we have fun! Hats off to our incredible team who pulled all of this together and executed every detail with intention and thoughtfulness. To our attendees – you were all so […]