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Every week, we bring you conversations with elite investors and entrepreneurs, in hopes that you’ll learn from their experiences to accelerate your success.

On this Best of 2022 edition of Financial Freedom with Real Estate Investing, we reflect on some of our favorite episodes and share the top insights from this year’s interviews with inspiring real estate entrepreneurs.

We revisit Dan Brisse’s story of transitioning from professional snowboarder to full-time real estate investor and Jilliene Helman’s mission to democratize real estate investing.

Lee Prosenjak inspires us to live our purpose, Veena Jetti explains how to raise capital at scale, and Sterling Griffin shares creative ways to add value to high-profile people as you build a network.

Listen in to understand how Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson is innovating in affordable housing and learn to fast-track your success with advice from ten of our top guests of 2022!

Key Takeaways

Jerome Maldonado’s secret to being a successful investor

  • Consistency
  • Stay focused through difficult times

How Jilliene Helman is democratizing real estate

  • Built Realty Mogul to connect investors with deals
  • Mission to expand access to real estate investing

What inspired Dan Brisse’s transition to real estate

  • Older snowboarders suffering at end of career
  • Maintain freedom with passive income

Lee Prosenjak’s pillow test for living his purpose every day

  • Ask if lived purpose before going to bed
  • If not, get up and do something artful

Why Veena Jetti has success raising capital at scale

  • All decisions made with investor in mind
  • High investor retention rate and referrals

How Sterling Griffin adds value to high-profile people

  • Provide resources and make connections
  • Find guest for show, earn referral in return

How Lili Thompson benefits from sharing on social media

  • Educate and network with other beginners
  • Connect with experienced investors

Why Ryan Pineda is all-in on blockchain technology

  • Utility to be future of business
  • Solves many problems we face in real estate

The biggest challenges women real estate investors face

  • Giving up control as you scale
  • Dabble vs. commit to specific interest
  • Finding work-life balance

How Alvin ‘Hope’ Johnson innovates in affordable housing

  • Establish nonprofit to buy multifamily property
  • Create win-win for investors and communities

Garrett Lynch’s experience operating class D properties

  • Life threatened over stolen lawn mower
  • Gang violence, prostitution, poverty and drugs

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