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MB 236: The Financial Freedom to Do What You Love – With Megan Lamke

Time is precious. Are you spending your days doing what you love with the people you love? What if multifamily real estate could help you do just that? Today, Megan Lamke joins me to explain how she achieved financial freedom, quit her corporate job and built a thought leadership platform to raise capital for syndications.

MB 233: From Trading Time for Money to Financial Freedom– With Dave Seymour

Trading time for money has a ceiling. There are only so many hours in the day, and eventually, we run out. Today, Dave Seymour joins me to explain how he went from working 120 hours a week as a firefighter to starring in Flipping Boston on A&E, leveraging multifamily real estate to achieve financial freedom.

MB 232: Turbocharge Your F.I.R.E. Journey with Real Estate – With Rajneesh Jha

Rajneesh Jha was following the F.I.R.E. method to achieve financial freedom, putting his money in safe, low-cost mutual funds with the goal of quitting his corporate job in about 10 years. And then he discovered real estate! Today, Raj joins me to explain how shifting from the stock market to multifamily investing TURBOCHARGED his journey!

MB 227: The State of Multifamily

Our world is in upheaval. Between COVID-19 and the current race riots, nothing feels normal. And this has a lot of real estate investors asking, is now the right time to pursue multifamily? Today, I’m sharing my keynote address from Deal Maker Live 2020 on the current state of apartment building investing!

MB 216: Financially Free at Age 21– With Kyle Marcotte

Financially Free at Age 21

How do you overcome objections around being too young and inexperienced—and achieve financial freedom at the age of 21? Today, Kyle Marcotte joins me to explain how he raised over half a million dollars and quit college to become a full-time multifamily syndicator with a portfolio of 119 units valued at $5.5M!

MB 215: Changing the Face of Multifamily Syndication – With Kaylee McMahon

Changing the Face of Multifamily Syndication – With Kaylee McMahon

Why are there so few women in multifamily syndication? Today, Kaylee McMahon joins me to offer her take on how a lack of knowledge around a male-dominated industry keeps a lot of women out of the multifamily game and discuss her mission to help people, especially women, achieve financial independence with apartment building investing!

As the World Closes, It’s Time to Shift

As the World Closes It's Time to Shift

In today’s video, we’re going to talk about what to do as the world closes. It’s time to shift! These are unprecedented and challenging times for sure. We’re trying to figure out how bad it is going to get – what’s the new normal? What should we do next? It is possible that it’s also an opportunity for us.

Affirmations for Real Estate Investing

Affirmations for Real Estate Investing

I spent years in the restaurant industry running myself ragged just trying to make money. That was exactly where I went wrong. My WHY in that scenario was money. That alone is never enough. You have to know why you want the money, and then you need the tools and the language to help you stay focused on what your driving force is. And that’s exactly what we’ll be diving into in today’s video.

My Top 4 Recommended Reads

Michael Blank Top 4 Recommended Reads

Here’s a peek at some of my most favorite books. These are the game-changers. The books that really made a difference for me in how I was operating in my life. No to mention how it helped me change how I approached goal setting and achieving.

What’s Your WHY for Financial Freedom?

What's Your WHY For Financial Freedom?

We know the important role that mindset plays in multifamily investing, but there’s something I believe is even more critical to success; FINDING your WHY. If mindset is the key, your WHY is the engine. Today, we are going to talk about the importance of finding your WHY, share examples of others that have found theirs, and end with a 3-step plan to create yours.