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Learn all about how to raise money from private individuals. Once you acquire this skill, the sky is the limit!
We’re told that without a college degree, we can’t earn good money. But Cody Davis realized he didn’t need earned income if he could make passive income with multifamily real estate. Today, Cody explains how he built a portfolio of 24 units by the age of 21—without using any of his own money!
Raising capital is at the heart of multifamily syndication. But how do you build relationships with investors and make them feel comfortable enough to trust you with their hard-earned money? Today, David Meilan discusses his role as Director of Investor Relations at Nighthawk Equity and describes the process of raising capital for a real estate deal.
So, you’ve done a multifamily deal or two, and your friends and family are maxed out in the money department. What is the best way to grow your investor base and scale your capital raise? Today, Dr. Jeff Anzalone explains how he built a real estate investing platform and raised $2.7M in just five days!
What is the best way to approach the conversation with potential multifamily investors? Today, David Kamara joins us to explain how to communicate the benefits of investing in apartment buildings over other asset classes and assure investors that their money is safe with you—even if you’re new to the real estate space!

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